Popped in to a local tb retailer and found the new City beads and leather bracelets out on display😮 The beads are much smaller than i was expecting but the detail on them is wonderful! They are all priced at £45. The single leather bracelets are a tad slimmer than the strands on the usual double bracelets. I can only assume that this is because you need to knot the end, for the loop on the other end to pass over, creating the fastening. Nonetheless, im certain i will buy at least one bead and a leather bracelet, as they will be so care free to wear. #trollblog #trollbeads #trollbeadsuk #trollbloger #trollbeadsdenmark #trollbeadscambridge #instagood #instacharm #instadaily #instajewelry #like #love #jewelry #jewellery

19 Mag , 2015  

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May 19, 2015 at 05:02PM

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